Family time is what matters most!

What is your definition of “family time”?
What is your definition of “quality time”
Do you get enough?

Growing up, I never played sports. So I never really encouraged my children to play sports. Emily, however has expressed interest in sports and we have never detoured her from participating in something that interested her. I’ve known parents who truly believe that “The more sports your kids are in, the less likely they are to get in trouble.” I disagree. Do I think they’re wrong or dumb? NO. We just have a different belief system. I recently read this, which I, personally agree with and also know others won’t:

“When your children grow up, their most valuable childhood time will have been spent within the family unit. Soccer, dance and piano lessons won’t count for much, if anything, when they become adults. No matter how good your kids are at these extracurricular pursuits, the chances of them earning a living at soccer, etc., is miniscule.

The more a family’s time is taken up with extracurricular activities, the more the “classroom of the family” shrinks, and the more stress the family must absorb. It is within the classroom of the family that character lessons are taught and learned. A soccer coach can’t teach those sorts of things; he or she can only reinforce them.

The problem is not with any one activity, but with the spate of them (and I consider more than one activity per child at any given time a “spate“). A family is people growing together, not people running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to meet deadlines and fulfill obligations, most of which are arbitrary. Do you want your children to grow up remembering relaxed family evenings, or do you want them remembering that almost every evening was a “hurry up, we gotta go!” occasion?”

5 years ago, before Beachbody entered my life “family time” meant something totally different than it did 3 years ago, 2 years ago or even 1 year ago to me. I have learned that, trips, gifts or just simply being there in “body” doesn’t equal to QUALITY family time. Kids don’t really need tons of your time, all they need is some quality time where they have your full attention. My family and having a family has always been something that is very important to me. It wasn’t until I returned from the Tony Robbins event last November that I truly began to live a life of gratitude. My #1 goal is not to be successful, but to raise HAPPY, KIND, LOVING, GOOD-HEARTED children, that possess the mental fortitude, the right attitude and the right work ethic to succeed at life. On November 28, 2016, I was so excited to receive a piece of mail from the Tony Robbins Research Foundation inviting me back to attend Unleash the Power in Los Angeles. I was even more excited to hand it to rebel after school and tell him that he was going with me this time along with his dad and his big sister Haylie (Emily elected to not go this time). He jumped up and down and has been excited ever since. He even wrote a letter to Tony. He’s he’s excited to see so many of our Fit-Family that are attending with us.

You see, growing up I had no role models. I had nobody pushing me or encouraging me to dream or set goals. I grew up in a toxic and negative environment.

Many people have laughed, rolled their eyes and not fully understood what coaching is and the benefits it carries to those that embrace it wholeheartedly.

But because I am somebody who 5 years ago, was looking for change, looking for a better way, wanting more for myself and my children, when the opportunity presented itself I embraced it wholeheartedly and have for 5 years. I’ve poured myself into coaching, absorbed everything I could even when others didn’t understand, left me or laughed at me. I have made the best of it because it is made me a better person. My children will NEVER grow up to tell the story that they didn’t have the right role models. Seeing their mother go through the changes that I have, having grandiose opportunities during their childhood and having people like our CEO Carl Daikeler, friends like Sagi Kalev, Joel Freeman and Autumn Calabrese and mentors they listen to and get to see like Tony Robbins, Jesse ItzlerJohn C. Maxwell, Grant Cardone, I know they cannot fail because they’re being equipped with the right tools at an early age and won’t have to spend part of their adult life recovering from their childhood.

Thank you Beachbody for helping me do what so many parents want and that is “give their children a better life than they had!”

In one month the 4 of us will leave Texas and head back home to California and it’ll be Rebels first trip on an airplane and we’ll be meeting up with over 10 of our friends who are part of our Fit-Family to attend Unleash The Power Within – Tony Robbins in Los Angeles.

Are you looking for change for you and your family? Would you like to look at your life 5 years from now and have no regrets and know you did everything in your power to equip your children with what they need to survive in the world as adults??

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