3 Vital Behaviors Training Workshop with Mindy Hord

I taught the new 3 Vital Behaviors Training Workshop in Houston on 1/31/15 for the second time since I became a Certified 3VBT Facilitator 4 months ago. I was a nervous wreck before the first workshop I taught in November because I hadn’t had time to prepare beforehand because we’d been in Miami. I almost thought about canceling it, but Astrid got my head in check & Louise reassured me numerous times doing her best to calm my fears for 2 days before the event. LeAnne reminded me that I knew the material and didn’t need the notes to effectively teach this. Even though they believed in me, I still had very little faith in myself. I was terrified I would bore my audience or inadvertently leave out important information. Despite technical difficulties, that delayed us by 30 minutes, I rolled with it and after 1 hour in, I realized that they were ALL right, I knew the content like the back of my hand. Fast forward to yesterday, the day I would lead the same workshop for the 2nd time. I did not experience any fears or anxiety. I felt confident and wasn’t even the least bit nervous over the fact that the number of attendees had doubled and there were 50 confirmed registrants. I was excited to be able to train coaches by simply sharing my experiences to help others understand what needs to be done to become a confident & successful coach, share tips & best practices that have been tried, tested & proven to work by top/Elite coaches and emphasizing the importance of consistently embracing the 3 Vital Behaviors and be able to share my story of how I have transformed into a happy, driven, confident & successful person after 3 decades of living a life full of failure and self-destruction which left me depressed, broken, hopeless, suicudal and completely lost all because I said yes to coaching & embraced every aspect & went ALL in. I took advantage of every opportunity provided and sought out and accepted the support from those in the Team Beachbody community. At the the end of the workshop, which I miraculously never ran over my time, I felt confident that it had been a success by the interaction received from the participants and the looks on their faces as well as many who shared their positive feedback before they left. It was amazing, how many people had traveled 2-3 hours to attend the training and one of the coaches had even extended her stay in Houston (from New York), just so she could attend. 

I asked them to please share a few of their take-aways or in their words why they recommend ALL coaches make it a point to attend a workshop in their area. 

I wanted to be able to better explain to future attendees what this workshop is about, why it’s important & what they should expect to gain by attending. They did a great job sharing why this training is valuable to all coaches and not something that should be skipped or assumed is the same as completing the Coach Training Academy or the Coach Basics Program. 

To me, the title 3VBT Workshop is as evasive to some as the terms “Invite invite” or “Challenge Group”. The name by itself with no explanation doesn’t give a clear indication of exactly what it is, why it’s important or what participants should expect when attending and what they’ll take away from it and how it’ll make a big enough impact on them to make it worthwhile to invest in and attend. These testimonials from some of the participants helps explain!

Please let me know if you’d be interested in attending one in the Houston, Austin or Bryan/College Station area this spring or summer. 

Enjoy the slide show… You’ll get a kick pot of the numerous (19) failed attempts at trying to get a group photo using the timer on my iPhone which was located on top of a table. Those imperfect moments are what make for a fun event. 

Thank you to everyone who invested part of their Sunday to grow your business and spend time with like minded people!!

I was able to splice all of the recorded content together and upload to YouTube (which took 18 hours to upload!). I wanted to share it with you!

This is 4 hours long, however, this is something you can listen to while you drive or do dishes or laundry or as you get dressed each morning.. I HIGHLY recommend it. Several Team Relentless Coaches have attended and LOVED the content and clarification of the 3 Vital Behaviors and why they are so important:
– Be proof that the prodcuts work
 – Personal Development

I will be teaching my next one in Northern California on February 28, 2015. If you would like to attend, click on this link to get registration details.

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