2013 at a Glance

2013. Wow! What an EPIC year. What a busy year: full of change, opportunities, growth and discovery.  

At the beginning of the year,  I created my first DREAM BOARD. Some of the things I added seemed so so lofty, so unattainable and even impossible. 

I worked hard throughout the entire year, putting in long hours, often getting only 5-6 hours of sleep a night, giving up weekends to stick to my goals and the plan to reach my dreams. 

On December 19, 2013, I achieved the first part of one of my final goals for 2013. I achieved the rank of 5 Star Diamond Coach. I pushed forward and then on December 26, 2013, I officially became a 2013 Elite Coach. The following day, I found out that I finished out the year, ranked 51 out of 139,972 coaches. I did it. What a relief, knowing that all of my hard work paid off. 

I pretty much just crashed at that point. I’ve withdrawn a bit because for the first time in a year, I can. I have a few days until the New Year begins. A few days before I start pushing. I have set goals for this upcoming year. I must get refocused and remove all distractions. 

As I look back on this year, I realize how blessed I have been. 

January 2013

I was able to travel to Miami for the first time to spend as long weekend with my coach and her family. I was able to attend Super Saturday while I was there and spend time with Senior VP of Global Sales, Jeff Hill and several Elite Coaches, such as Hillary Kelly and Alli Upham

I celebrated my 32nd birthday with my husband, some of my best friends and several coaches from my team in Houston at my favorite bar: Howl at the Moon. For the first time in my life, I felt alive and happy with where I was at in life.

Later that month, I traveled to Dallas, alone, which was scary. I attended my first Dani Johnson event – First Steps to Success. While I was there I was able to meet & spend time with several other Elite Coaches, who took me under their wing, Caroline VanZandt, Heather Dixon, Tommy Mygrant and Jason Diebold. Words cannot describe what I gained from that 2 day workshop. It was as if, Dani was speaking right to me! This event was a game changer for me. I was blessed to have Jason sit down and help me prioritize my goals because at the time, I was feeling pretty lost at where at what I was supposed to do next. 

February 2013

On February 2, 2013, I celebrated my 1 year fitness/weight loss journey anniversary. My friend and personally sponsored coach, Gabri surprised me with taking our family pictures, which turned out fabulous as always. 

I also achieved another one of my goals: I became a 2 Star Diamond Coach and was able to open up my 2nd Coach Business Center.

March 2013

I was able to meet Arnauld Nakaha, Director of Sales in Houston, the night before our Beachbody Challenge Training, where I was able to speak in front of several other coaches. 

Later that month, I participated in my first obstacle course race – Warrior Dash with my husband and a few friends. It was an incredible feeling to be able to do something like this, after never ever being part of a competitive sport.

Later that month, I was able to take my girls on a trip I had dreamed of my entire childhood. I had qualified for the 2013 Success Club Trip, which earned me an all-expense paid trip to DisneyWorld in Orlando, FL. While on this trip, I fell in love with my husband again, was able to provide an experience for my children that I had only dreamed about at their age and I was able to connect with so many other coaches that inspire me daily. It was a trip that I will never forget. It gave me just what I needed to drive myself forward in this business after receiving the training and connecting with others. 

April 2013

We had the honor of having Richard Neal come and visit us in Texas after connecting with him in Orlando. We had such a great time connecting and getting to know one another. He agreed to be our guest speaker at the 2nd Quarter Super Saturday. Then, we all participated in the Graffiti Run together the following day, something Rebel is still talking about to this day!

May 2013

We had a pretty laid back month. We did get to take an overnight trip to San Antonio with our close friends Joanne and Cody to just get away. It was really nice to relax. 

June 2013

A year after becoming a Diamond Ranked Coach, I achieved yet another goal, 3 Star Diamond. I finally felt like my ultimate goal of being a 5 Star Diamond & 2013 Elite Coach was attainable. 

We took Rebel on his first trip to the beach for his 3rd birthday! He loved Port Aransas and really connected with Roger and Jill, who have become his surrogate grandparents. 

Ryan and I attend our first Summit which was my first time to Las Vegas. The inspiration and training I received while there was priceless. Seeing the amount of time, energy & money Beachbody invested to make it an unforgettable experience for all of us sure made me appreciate them more and my loyalty became even stronger. They certainly pull out all the stops to make it special for all who attend. It was an honor to be recognized on stage and to have qualified for special events. It is an event I am committed to every year, even though I really didn’t like Vegas as much as I thought & hoped I would.

The highlight was being able to touch Tony Horton’s amazing ABS!

July 2013

In July, we started Brenham’s FIT CLUB. We were nervous, but for absolutely no reason. It was accepted well from our small community. We’ve seen incredible growth and transformations since we first kicked off on the first Tuesday of July. 

I recall, after I found out I was pregnant with Rebel, our life just about stopped. We used to travel all the time. Shortly after Rebel was born, I remember feeling sorry for myself, saying that we’d never get to go anywhere. Boy, was I wrong. The second half of 2013, it seems like we were always on the go. 

In July, we were able to take Haylie, Emily and Rebel to Galveston to celebrate Joanne’s 39th birthday. The kids had a blast together! 

Later that month, Ryan and I went to Dallas to attend the 1st Franklin Covey Time Management Seminar which was eye-opening to me as a wife, mother, friend and coach and very beneficial to the both of us.

August 2013

Upon returning from Dallas, I hosted a meeting, where I  was able to share some of the highlights of what I learned from the Time Management Course with 18 local coaches. 

Later that month, we traveled back to Dallas, where I attended my 2nd Dani Johnson event, but this time, I brought 10 others with me. Even though this was the same event I attended earlier in the year, I still gained so much more new information and had more ah-ha moments! It was incredible to share this experience with my husband, my coach Becky, her sister Kristy (who both flew in from Miami), 2 of my personally sponsored coaches and several friends who are also local coaches. 

Later that month, Brenham had the privilege of welcoming the 2nd Beachbody Celebrity to our town. One of my favorite fellow coaches and mentor, Danielle Hinson came to teach an Insanity Certification.  We had the honor of having dinner with her the evening before. It was amazing to spend time with her. The next day, over 20 people showed up to take the Certification class. It was an ass-kicker, but so educational. It felt great when I received the email notifying me that I passed and that I was an official group fitness instructor. 

September 2013

On September 6, 2013, I made a decision that I had been “kicking around” for months, a decision everyone who was close to me kept pushing me to, a decision I was terrified of. I finally worked up the courage and belief in myself to take a huge leap of faith. I turned in my 8 week resignation and made the decision to become a full-time Beachbody coach, leaving behind the safety net of my full-time job and guaranteed paycheck.  I didn’t realize how freeing it was until I turned in my official resignation.

After all of my handwork, I earned yet another all-expense-paid trip from Beachbody. I got to go home, to California, for the first time in 5 years. I will never forget the feeling, as I stepped outside of the airport and breathed in that California air for the first time since July of 2008. 

Out of all the Beachbody events I’ve attended  The Success Club Leadership Retreat was the most monumental of all. To be surrounded by some of the top leaders and realize that I, too had earned my spot among them because of my hard work was surreal. To be surrounded by some of the hardest working, talented, creative, people that I’d admired, made my heart smile and my spirits rise. To be able to workout with Tony Horton and the newest Beachbody trainer, Autumn Calebrese, was one of the biggest highlights, besides being able to spend quality time with my coach and other members from our team. Attending every meeting while there, only propelled me forward, justified my decision to leave behind my full-time job, and made the fire inside my soul burn brighter. 

I came back ready to take on the world. I came home a different person. 

At the end of September, I hosted my very first Super Sunday. A few months before, at Summit, the thought of standing on stage in front of thousands terrified me. A couple months before, the first night of our Fit Club, I was terrified at the thought of speaking in front of a crowd, but something had changed in me. I believed I could do it. I no longer feared what other thought. I was able to stand before over 100 people, the majority strangers, and present the same information many other coaches had shared with others across the nation that same weekend.  The best part of the weekend was that Coby Mitchell, came to our town and several of our local coaches had the honor of having dinner with him the night before as well as meet with him the next morning before Super Sunday.

October 2013

This month, my life was spent dedicated to pushing hard, making good use of my time, being productive to see that I would finish my year off by fulfilling my dreams! 

November 2013

On November 1st, I celebrated with my best friends, my FREEDOM. I celebrated being free to live my life by design not default. 

Ryan and I took a one-day trip to Kemah to celebrate his birthday (belated) and my retirement from the Insurance Industry and while we were there got matching tattoos – which means “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Earlier in 2013, I got two other tattoos which have great meaning: “Fall down 7 times, stand up 8” and “Never give up” (with our anniversary date).

When I was at Team Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas, in June, there was a BIG board up that all 7k coaches who attended were asked to pin a postcard up with our personal goals – In a few months Beachbody would mail it back to us. 

I wrote out my goals. But they were really superficial and generic. So I rewrote them. Took a deep breath and pinned it up. 

I received it at the beginning of November. I couldn’t help but smile when I read it. I was able to retire from my career in the Insurance Industry 3 months earlier than my goal date and I am extremely close to my 5 Star Diamond/Elite Goal that I have been gunning for all year.

On November 7, I officially became a 4 Star Diamond Coach. I reflected on what had led up to this day re-vamped, re-invented and re-evaluated my WHY

We were able to take our first family trip at Thansgiving. We took all 5 kids to Galveston and had an absolute blast. We created memories that we will never forget. 

The time I’ve been able to spend with the kids since I have been a full-time coach has been irreplaceable. 

December 2013

One of the highlights of this month was being invited to a private, small wedding of one of my dear friends, which landed me in New Orleans for the first time. It was a memorable trip and the best wedding I have ever attended. I will never forget the whole experience.

It  was a weekend filled full of laughs, inappropriateness on all levels and an all around great time. I will never forget how beautiful my dear friend, Crystal looked on her big day.

The last month of the year has been spent securing my final goals. I reached my goals and fulfilled my dreams of becoming a 5 Star Diamond and 2013 Elite Coach and ended the year ranked as #51 out of almost 140,000 coaches. I also secured a $1,000 on board credit for our upcoming cruise to Grand Cayman for the 2014 Success Club Trip. It’s nice to know that hard work does pay off.

I have taken the time to spend with my children and step children as well as friends, creating memories and putting them first. I have also taken the time to re-evaluate who I am, reflect on how this year has changed me, prioritize my goals and dreams and focus on what I want to accomplish in 2014. 

One of my biggest successes this year though, is finally making headway in the ongoing saga of trying to get my adoption information and get a new copy of my Naturalization Certificate and U.S. Passport. I am getting closer. I finally received a certified copy of my adoption and my Passport. I should be receiving my Naturalization Certificate sometime in January. Then I will be completely free from my parents! 

I have no regrets about this year. If I had to do it all over, I would. There is nothing I would change. It is kind of scary and something I have been struggling with. As much as I accomplished in 2013, I find myself doubting and questioning if I can do better in 2014. But I keep reminding myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. 

I am ready to see what 2014 has in store for me, how about you?