18 month Anniversary

The picture on the left was taken exactly 18 months ago.
I remember being so embarrassed as I stood there and had my 12 year old daughter take my picture.

Moments later, I banished the girls from the living room and pushed play for the very first time.

At this point NO one knew I’d ordered P90X or Shakeology® besides my daughters. Not even my husband.

Why? Because I was afraid I’d fail. And didn’t want ANYONE to know. I totally planned on returning it all within 30 days and getting my money back!

It literally took me almost 90 minutes to complete Core Synegistics which is only a 60 minute workout.
I remember starting off with push-ups. I could only do 5 VERY weak, girl push-ups and thinking “WTF! You are even more out of shape than you thought!”

By week 2 though my strength increased tremendously. I was able to do 10 regular push up (still struggling, but was excited about the improvements I made)

I am so glad that I never gave up.
Even when it was 8:30 and I was just starting my workout.
Or when I woke up every morning with a new body part hurting and day 10 I felt like someone had beaten me with a 2X4 because it all paid off when on day 13, I put on a pair of pants that were WAY too big for me. (picture on right)

It’s amazing the progress I’ve made, looking back over the past 18 months. My eyes have been opened on so many levels. I feel that simply by buying those DVD’s and 1st bag of Shakeology and by pushing play consistently saved my life, saved my marriage and added value to my existence. I’ve been able to get rid of a lot of dead weight, meet and form some amazing friendships with people who incredibly supportive, motivating and loving and bring nothing but good to my life. I am thankful everyday that I made the RIGHT decision at the RIGHT time and that I stayed the course. I do not even want to imagine what my life would be like had I not made this decision or had I quit before I completed week 1 or week 2 or let my bag of Shakeology sit and collect dust on my counter.

My life did not just morph into what it is overnight, but through persistence, consistency and sheer hard headedness, I have far surpassed what anyone else or my mind once thought I could do.



Thank you Becky Bergolla Brossett for being my source of constant encouragement!


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